miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Sermons On Ending Times 2 (Simultaneous)

Simon jumps out of his couch with a cold and strange feeling on his stomach very much like that fear caused when something surprises you from behind. When his eyes recovered sharpness he distinguishes a standing figure of a young teenager outlined by the white light coming from the muted TV that displayed static.

- "J just asked to rendevouz on Judas place"- He pulls out a smashed pack of smokes. - "He said it was important" - he mumbled holding the cigarette with his mouth.

Simon looked for his pistol on one of the pillows and reloaded, then he walked to the boy, took and litted his cigarette with one of the candles on the table they used to pray.

-"You know this is bad for your asthma boy" - he sucked the filter of the recently stolen smoke.

-"Oh! Come on!"-

-"I'm not gonna argue"- Then expelled the smoke - "he called me back or wrote?"- he held the cigar on his fingers as it started to smoulder. John was a little distracted staring at the white smoke lines dancing shapeless in the darkness.

-"Uhm... he texted me, I guess he is mad at you for the way you treat Mary"

-"She is a temptation that distracts him from his duty I won't be nice to her..."

-"Hey shut it! we are losing time J needs you now, you know? swallow your pride and pick your stuff... you got 10 minutes I'll be on the bike with the rest of the guys"

-"Wait..."- Simon stared angry because he knew John was right. -"Come"- He walked to the kitchen followed by John and reached his hand over a cabinet that contained a Micro Uzi. - "Ever used one of this?".- He gave him the submachine gun.

-"Well... it has only one button"- Said Johny smiling to his new toy.

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