lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

Sermons On Ending Times

Luke 21: 27 "At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."

"It Stinks"- it was the voice of a man near it's 33

"What J?"- asked the girl

"This city and that damned pollution"- he tried to lean his back over a pillow

They were lying on the bed she was resting her head over his chest and she gently moved her fingers across the sheets. He looked really worried staring at the window to his right. The city was getting annoying with constant chaos caused by alarms, sirens, gunshots and pleny more noises that in some way were part of the life in the streets. She didn't ask what was wrong because she knew he'd lie about it.

"Peter called" - she said kindly as she moved her hair off her face.

"What did he say?" - said Jesus as he moved his eyes away from the window.

"He hung up when he heard my voice" - she answered with sublime timidity.

"I don't understand why they act like this when I'm with you..." - said J with an honest doubt mixed with anger when she interrupted him.

"You're their leader... they worship you.... because you draw a road to follow" - she explained. - "I guess I'm not gonna fit among them"

"Mary relax you will..." - He said kissing her forehead.

The colour that filled the room was similar to a dark blue tone, moonbeams coming from the newspapers pasted on the windows produced an opaque beige light that spilled over the wooden floor. As I was saying... the thing is that the city was no longer a safe place so if you didn't want robbers in your home, you better cover the windows and hide the valuable stuff where nobody can see it.

"You still have those dreams" - She was worried.

"Dreams? I don't know what you are talking about" - He tried to bluff.

"You were sweating really cold, now you managed to hold your screams... but when you were sleeping I could tell by your face something was hurting you"

Silence ran acrossed the room.

"I'm afraid is really late I better get going" - He rised and search for his clothes, but first he reached the crucifix on the nightstand and made the sign of the cross. He was now sitting in the bed with bare foot on the floor.

"You know what they say... on the streets?" - She started to fix her hair, he didn't answered. "everybody, even pastor Adam!"

"... what do they say?" -Not wanting to accept the inmense responsability of the answer.

"They say we are living on the end of times... and you know you are not a common person J" - She said holding her breath.

"Again I don't know what you are talking about"- as he looked away and putted his pants.

"Jesus... you see things, you heal people and give hope to pleny in this hell" - She was trying to breath slowly to avoid tears.

"I better take the rooftops, streets kill at this hour" - He finished to put his shirt back on.

"They wouldn't dare to touch you... " - She gathered strenght.

"Ok! what are you trying to say?!" - He said in a violent tone, he was now facing the conversation.

"Please keep it down my sister is sleeping" - She whispered.

Sound of scared and small footsteps across the hall made him regret about getting mad. Apparently the little one was awake.

"Mommy are you ok?"- sounded from the other side of the door, it was the voice of an innocent girl.

"Yeah honey I'm coming!" - As she stared to the door.

"I've always considered cute... that she calls you mom" - He said while he pointed his jacket so that she gave it to him.

"Well is the payment I got from raising her" - she passed the dark jacket and looked down.

"I'm sorry Mary... I love you... I better leave now" - He openned the window and stepped in the emergency ladder.

"I love you too... even when you are a jerk" - She said smiling so pure that it got him to smile back. He looked like he had something to say and there was another pause. He got out and closed the window as he reached the roof climbing the staircase

There's been something on her head that she wanted to clear for many years.

A long time ago when he was new on the neighborhood (this means back then when he was a kid). He got himself in trouble and some boys shot him, they all ran when he standed like nothing happened. She was with him that day and took him to the hospital. The doctor said that he couldn't find a single bullet impact, but there was blood and we still have the shirt with the holes.


lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Greetings stranger

"... inside the centipedes mouth"

Primero que nada un cordial saludo a los lectores y seguidores de nuestro blog, a quienes agradecemos inmensamente por su constancia. Nosotros optamos a la creación de este blog debido al interés de los oyentes de la banda, quienes se intrigaban en conocer el trama detrás de las canciones, que a pesar de ser ritmos y melodías agradables pueden contener un significado un poco más allá de "Mary that's one pretty hat".

El punto no es poner una caja en tu cabeza y decirte como debes sentir la canción, después de todo la música es como un Dios a quien nosotros mismos le dibujamos rostro, es decir cada quién interpreta el tema como lo desee, porque si nos castracen la imaginación... aquella canción con la que abrazábamos a nuestros panas mientras reíamos y cantábamos, no nos sonaría igual.

Algunas son relatos o pequeños cuentos escritos por nosotros, otras son canciones basadas en hechos de la vida real, tambien están aquellas de experiencias personales y las más peculiares nos narran de profecías personales entre las cuales destacan el retorno de cristo a la tierra, la lucha de la humanidad contra el Leviatán y otras sorpresas más que nos depara el lapicero. Así que mantente al tanto con los post que estarán llenos de historias, dramas y curiosidades de la banda.

Att. David

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

"The Nutcracker" Chapter 3

Suddenly from across the alley we hear a scream, so loud it could only come from complete despair. This scream was fading to the sound of footsteps. Who ever was screaming was being chased, so the nutcracker acted quickly by running to help this horrified victim. He didn't understand why he wanted to save the needed or why he was brave and felt no fear to even the scarier of things. He just knew he had a sword in one hand and on his head he had the blind purpose of slaying the unfair.

O boy he ran fast! he was now off the alley, and saw a couple of rats who he guessed were the hunters. He followed them untill they entered an inmense dumpyard. Not to far from the entrance they stopped "Five rats!" he counted "Five hats?" he noticed, they all gathered in a circle but they were to fat to see what was on the middle. They had monocles, nice shoes, hats and one was holding a really nice cane.

"I beg you please grow a heart and leave"

He heard from the center, it was the cries of a doll. The rats laughed, the one with the cane answered:

"We will not depart 'till we break you apart".

The nutcracker was mad and took a fighting stance and talked with the must heroic tone:

"You will let her go or I'll kill you all".

The surprised rats turned quickly their faces to where they heard the nutcrackers voice but it was to dark to see him clearly. The one with the cane approached with style to the center and the other four were standing two on each side. They were far to coordinated to be normal rats:

"You really sound like fun... can you please come closer to the light son?".

Said the one in the center so that the nutcracker stepped into the light. He proceed then the rats bursted in laughter, one of them even cried a little.

"You said... haha you would kill us all!? HA! you there standing tall!?".-Spitted with sarcasm one on the left side.

The one with the cane stopped laughing drastically and screamed: "Shut up!".

The others went quite quickly after this said. "If you haven't noticed this toy smell he's rotten like hell".

The lacais quickly aimed with their ugly noses to the nutcracker. "He smells like blood... from rats! and something abominable like... CAT!!"

Driven by fear they took a step away from the nutcracker and hided on the back of the rat in the center almost simultaneously. The rat swinged the cane and scowled as he pointed our hero, impotent and not knowing what to say she yelled and clenching her teeth she started breathing both hate and fear. They scramed through an old pipe that probably lead to the sewers, it was located behind the crying victim that was laying on the dirt.

He remembered the cat licked his face and they probably got scared by that scent. But still, he was glad that they left the prey be. He putted away the sword and approached slowly to the sobbing doll."It's safe now madame, there's nothing here for you to fear" said the savior with timidity. She was covering her face with her hands, I loved the way her hair felt from her head covering her shoulders and arms as she was sitting there on the floor. There were small pieces of porcelain on the mud she was hurt from an encounter with them before.

"If I may say... where you lay... is no place to rest. You should stand up or you will ruin your dress".- Said the nutcracker always worried about decency.

Sadness polluted the air as she moved slowly her hand from her face and lifted it gently as if to be helped or kissed on the back of her palm. The nutcracker kissed her hand and then helped her to stand up carefully, after all she was a delicate doll. He finally reached her face and she was beautiful. It was pale with a cute round tip nose that made her lips look sharply drawn and well proporcioned. But then the death of beauty. She had cracks on her chin and the lower side of her cheek she was shattering. She gathered strengh and said:

"Porcelain broken chin... orders of the rat king"

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

"The Nutcracker" Chapter 2

The dimmer illumination coming from above, radiated the elements in this grotesque scene like a spotlight. But the nutcracker head was still blurred with doubt. "What am I doing here... ? Who is the Rat King... ?" And suddenly a hiss! He heard a hiss and another. It was not to far from where he standed. It was half a feet from the pole and to the left entering a street passage that lead you through a continuous row of backdoors from enormous buildings.

Indeed our hero was made from wood, nevertheless he portrayed no fear to any known menace. So without any hesitation he stepped inside the darkness of the alley where the growling was taking place and as he walked to the beast, the sound became clearer. Finally he reached a dead-end, everything was dark and quiet, over his head there was a laboured lightbulb hanging and to his right there was a fusebox with a sticker: "Main Power". holding a lever there was a rat that smelled like grill, his hand was charcoal dark, and we bet it tasted like charcoal as well due to the heavy burns. The nutcracker gently removed the scorched unlucky individual and pulled the lever up.

It was beautiful, there were lightbulbs hanging from a ceiling made with scaffolds and the biggest cat inside the smallest cage. He was white, he was fat, he was a ragdoll cat and he didn't fit on his jail and probably the bars were hurting him:

"There were lights in the in skies and the floor
there was blood on the walls and the doors
I ate them all... I ate them good
Had to do it they served no food
there were runners and there were screamers

You are no rat... you have no shivers?"

With this said the nutcracker tried to look around the blinding lights and it was true, it was a massacre, everywhere he looked there was blood and rats and half a rat. The nutcrackers response was something like:

"I have no shivers down my spine
I got no nerves... I got no spine
if you see I'm made from wood

Even if you try I can't be food
it looks like you've drained your rage
my sword in the lock will open the cage"

The cage opened and the cat was released, he stretched and his bones cracked, he was happy, but more important he was free, also he was surprised he wasn't feared. The nutcracker noticed that he was smiling.

"You've gotten my attention
here is a proof of my affection"

The feline putted his face near our heroes face and licked him. The nutcracker felt weird looking to the beast light-blue eyes, but he was curious about the lights aiming the cage so he asked:

"What happens when you are near the light?"- said as he started petting the enormous creature.

"My inner killer feels shy"- the cat quickly answered with a deep and serious tone.-"If you want me I'll show"

"Only if you want me to know"- The nutcracker answered with respect.

The enormous kitten jumped to a platform in the scaffolds and bowed from above the lights. He was to far to see him sharply, but you could distinguish he now had green eyes and that he had some vicious looking claws.

"My friend I thank you deeply
I most go on and I'll leave sadly
We will meet again
I'm almost certain
So... Untill then!"

The nutcracker bowed as well and waved his sword like a reverence. When he looked again the cat was already gone.

viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

"The Nutcracker" Chapter 1

The snow was grey now and it kept piled up on the sideways. An intermittent street lamp played the sun on this cold and wet night. Under this urban beacon was a dumpster, a rusty and stinky dumpster. Inside of it, among the waste and filth we find a nutcracker. His window to the outskirts of its shelter is nothing but a hole in the front side, caused by the rust that was eating that metallic case. He wakes up asking "Oh my! Where am I?". His clothes design, beard and colors remind you of a card, you know he is way to fashioned for a J so you are guessing he is a nutcraker that resembles a K. He draws a sword, we are now certain; "He's the king of spades". He made his way through the garbage and through the decayed hollow, and he is standing outside that inmense trash can vulnerable of the drizzle that was falling so feeble, that when they reached the orange color that emanated from that old lightbulb it looked like they were sparks from a great fire.

Walking in the beaten pavement abundant of newspapers he managed to read a fallen sign, and it said "The Forgotten Street" in white letters over a green background, it had fallen from a Pole at the left side of the road near a brick wall, a huge red brick wall. Curiousily this pole now held another sign, a homemade looking sign that displayed: "Rat king domains", it was written on red letters over a white fabric and it was tied up with two knots one on each far end of the bar at the top as if to be read horizontally.

He still didn't know how he got there. When he lowered his head he noticed there was chalk on the wall: "RaTs StAy AWaY fRoM ThE DaRK oR YoU wiLl gEt EaTeN!" at the feet of this warning there was blood, and on the sidewalk there was a smiling face and a kitten paw drawn with deep dark red.