miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

"The Nutcracker" Chapter 3

Suddenly from across the alley we hear a scream, so loud it could only come from complete despair. This scream was fading to the sound of footsteps. Who ever was screaming was being chased, so the nutcracker acted quickly by running to help this horrified victim. He didn't understand why he wanted to save the needed or why he was brave and felt no fear to even the scarier of things. He just knew he had a sword in one hand and on his head he had the blind purpose of slaying the unfair.

O boy he ran fast! he was now off the alley, and saw a couple of rats who he guessed were the hunters. He followed them untill they entered an inmense dumpyard. Not to far from the entrance they stopped "Five rats!" he counted "Five hats?" he noticed, they all gathered in a circle but they were to fat to see what was on the middle. They had monocles, nice shoes, hats and one was holding a really nice cane.

"I beg you please grow a heart and leave"

He heard from the center, it was the cries of a doll. The rats laughed, the one with the cane answered:

"We will not depart 'till we break you apart".

The nutcracker was mad and took a fighting stance and talked with the must heroic tone:

"You will let her go or I'll kill you all".

The surprised rats turned quickly their faces to where they heard the nutcrackers voice but it was to dark to see him clearly. The one with the cane approached with style to the center and the other four were standing two on each side. They were far to coordinated to be normal rats:

"You really sound like fun... can you please come closer to the light son?".

Said the one in the center so that the nutcracker stepped into the light. He proceed then the rats bursted in laughter, one of them even cried a little.

"You said... haha you would kill us all!? HA! you there standing tall!?".-Spitted with sarcasm one on the left side.

The one with the cane stopped laughing drastically and screamed: "Shut up!".

The others went quite quickly after this said. "If you haven't noticed this toy smell he's rotten like hell".

The lacais quickly aimed with their ugly noses to the nutcracker. "He smells like blood... from rats! and something abominable like... CAT!!"

Driven by fear they took a step away from the nutcracker and hided on the back of the rat in the center almost simultaneously. The rat swinged the cane and scowled as he pointed our hero, impotent and not knowing what to say she yelled and clenching her teeth she started breathing both hate and fear. They scramed through an old pipe that probably lead to the sewers, it was located behind the crying victim that was laying on the dirt.

He remembered the cat licked his face and they probably got scared by that scent. But still, he was glad that they left the prey be. He putted away the sword and approached slowly to the sobbing doll."It's safe now madame, there's nothing here for you to fear" said the savior with timidity. She was covering her face with her hands, I loved the way her hair felt from her head covering her shoulders and arms as she was sitting there on the floor. There were small pieces of porcelain on the mud she was hurt from an encounter with them before.

"If I may say... where you lay... is no place to rest. You should stand up or you will ruin your dress".- Said the nutcracker always worried about decency.

Sadness polluted the air as she moved slowly her hand from her face and lifted it gently as if to be helped or kissed on the back of her palm. The nutcracker kissed her hand and then helped her to stand up carefully, after all she was a delicate doll. He finally reached her face and she was beautiful. It was pale with a cute round tip nose that made her lips look sharply drawn and well proporcioned. But then the death of beauty. She had cracks on her chin and the lower side of her cheek she was shattering. She gathered strengh and said:

"Porcelain broken chin... orders of the rat king"