domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Sermons On Ending Times 3

Jesus was a man that never feared.

It had to happen.

-"Judas! Where are you man?"- He walked a line, straight through the dark hall, like if his foot was following the other. You could hear the slaps and moans of the midnight shift workers sweating every penny in their rooms.

Suddenly from the shadows, a smile. It was as fake as all the orgasms upstairs.

-"Looking for some fun boss?"- said Judas with a tone that proved he would never quit cocaine.

-"Judas are you alright? I... thought you needed my help?" - said Jesus cracking his neck getting ready for a fight.

-"You should have left me... once an apple is rotten there's no way you can fix it"-

-"I can bet you're wrong... but if you are weak, you will always fall again in this pit, boy"-

-"SHUT UP! I'm not weak you prick! I'm smarter! Do you know how big this guys are? They know everybody! They are gonna start hunting witches on our asses, thanks to you miracle man! Do you know how hard is for me to get any drug around anymore?"- said Judas with a mixture of fear and anger.

-"You are being weak and stupid. Do you want this life for your children? I never said that if you followed me it would be an easy way. The right path wasn't meant for the lazy, we had finished the drug issue for the people, you could work in something else, maybe turn this into a nice shelter"-

-"The right path you say? Politicians use this so-called shelter to cheat on their wives every day and their menaces has run wild since they know you are my friend! They even shot me on the leg one day remember?"- said Judas almost running out of air.

-"And who healed you? Don't you remember that?"- said J with a stare that made him feel like a traitor.

-"It was you... but one day they will shoot me in the head and throw me to the dumpster. You won't be able to heal that"- Judas held his cries.

-"So... you sold me, I never wanted to put you through this fight between good and evil"- Jesus noticed red laser pointers across the room and guns starting to reload loudly.

-"Let's stop pretending you and I... this war is all we care"- Judas rubbed his stuffy nose with his palm. It was a matter of time for the lasers to get a clear shot of his head.

-"I should've known you'd betray your soul"- Jesus tackled Judas. He draw from his jacket a Colt.44 and aimed to the fire extinguishers in each column while making his way to the counter for cover. The air was razor shaped, you could feel bullets following your moves.

The room was a spectacle of sparks and ricochets all over the dark atmosphere.

Remember, Jesus was a man that never feared.

-"Night vision goggles are useless for about 40 seconds now".- said Jesus while reloading the revolver.-"They were aiming to your head, not mine... any clue?"-

-"I guess they must have betrayed me as well"- Judas was shocked the man that he sold just saved his life.

-"Two for the price of one kinda offer ain't it?" - Jesus handed him the gun.

-"What's this?"- Judas panicked.

-"I knew you setted me up. Actually I knew they were going to turn against you and that they were following me to Mary's place, that's why I took the rooftops"- Jesus smiled.

-"But how?! what do you want me to do with the gun?!"- Judas was even more impressed.

Like a horsemen from the apocalypse an intense roar smashed the door. Simon knew how to make an entrance. He pulled the breaks of his black motorcycle in front of the counter. Guns facing up, shots were fired targetless as a distraction to make a clean extraction.

-"Figure that on your own kiddo"- Jesus slided through the counter and mounted the bike - "Go! go hit it!"- J took Simon guns and kept on firing the skylights, as the tires screamed like a banshee from zero to 60mph. They were out in no time.

Behind Judas was left with a question, a remorse, and a bullet.

Only one bullet.

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Sermons On Ending Times 2 (Simultaneous)

Simon jumps out of his couch with a cold and strange feeling on his stomach very much like that fear caused when something surprises you from behind. When his eyes recovered sharpness he distinguishes a standing figure of a young teenager outlined by the white light coming from the muted TV that displayed static.

- "J just asked to rendevouz on Judas place"- He pulls out a smashed pack of smokes. - "He said it was important" - he mumbled holding the cigarette with his mouth.

Simon looked for his pistol on one of the pillows and reloaded, then he walked to the boy, took and litted his cigarette with one of the candles on the table they used to pray.

-"You know this is bad for your asthma boy" - he sucked the filter of the recently stolen smoke.

-"Oh! Come on!"-

-"I'm not gonna argue"- Then expelled the smoke - "he called me back or wrote?"- he held the cigar on his fingers as it started to smoulder. John was a little distracted staring at the white smoke lines dancing shapeless in the darkness.

-"Uhm... he texted me, I guess he is mad at you for the way you treat Mary"

-"She is a temptation that distracts him from his duty I won't be nice to her..."

-"Hey shut it! we are losing time J needs you now, you know? swallow your pride and pick your stuff... you got 10 minutes I'll be on the bike with the rest of the guys"

-"Wait..."- Simon stared angry because he knew John was right. -"Come"- He walked to the kitchen followed by John and reached his hand over a cabinet that contained a Micro Uzi. - "Ever used one of this?".- He gave him the submachine gun.

-"Well... it has only one button"- Said Johny smiling to his new toy.

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Sermons On Ending Times 2

He was now on the roof and off the ladder. Indeed the streets were deadly at this hour but he didn't fear them. Infact, he wasn't going home. He received a strange text message from Judas asking him if they could meet in his place, so J was on his way.

Jesus was a cat on the rooftops with gazelle jumps that made him look like he was flying briefly. Judas was the man behind the counter of an unclean looking motel near "Elbib" avenue. He was friends with Jesus a long time from now, but he was a junkie that was getting poorer and poorer, this is the reason why he sold J to the police.

No, he wasn't a criminal. The political enviroment was so broken and corrupt that it was no much different from the life in the alleys. Rats and men feeding of each other. Primitive and basic... It's a matter of survival skills I guess. The president guided the people like a suicide jockey pulling the horses mouth to an abyss.

It had been long since somebody brought light to this pit and Jesus managed to do that in an incredible rate. Thanks to him women were no longer scared to the police and their constant harrasment, most of the kids and teens threw away their guns and some of them even stopped buying drugs. The broke down officers and the dealers of both sins; drugs & guns weren't happy about this purification. And... as all snakes are related somehow in someway, the thugs started making some calls to their bosses about tracking down this hope dressed man because he was bad for business and politics.

Back to the present.

He was running across the last building and planned to land in the motels emergency ladders.
The police was hidden on the building. It was a set up... Judas set him up.