lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

"The Nutcracker" Chapter 2

The dimmer illumination coming from above, radiated the elements in this grotesque scene like a spotlight. But the nutcracker head was still blurred with doubt. "What am I doing here... ? Who is the Rat King... ?" And suddenly a hiss! He heard a hiss and another. It was not to far from where he standed. It was half a feet from the pole and to the left entering a street passage that lead you through a continuous row of backdoors from enormous buildings.

Indeed our hero was made from wood, nevertheless he portrayed no fear to any known menace. So without any hesitation he stepped inside the darkness of the alley where the growling was taking place and as he walked to the beast, the sound became clearer. Finally he reached a dead-end, everything was dark and quiet, over his head there was a laboured lightbulb hanging and to his right there was a fusebox with a sticker: "Main Power". holding a lever there was a rat that smelled like grill, his hand was charcoal dark, and we bet it tasted like charcoal as well due to the heavy burns. The nutcracker gently removed the scorched unlucky individual and pulled the lever up.

It was beautiful, there were lightbulbs hanging from a ceiling made with scaffolds and the biggest cat inside the smallest cage. He was white, he was fat, he was a ragdoll cat and he didn't fit on his jail and probably the bars were hurting him:

"There were lights in the in skies and the floor
there was blood on the walls and the doors
I ate them all... I ate them good
Had to do it they served no food
there were runners and there were screamers

You are no rat... you have no shivers?"

With this said the nutcracker tried to look around the blinding lights and it was true, it was a massacre, everywhere he looked there was blood and rats and half a rat. The nutcrackers response was something like:

"I have no shivers down my spine
I got no nerves... I got no spine
if you see I'm made from wood

Even if you try I can't be food
it looks like you've drained your rage
my sword in the lock will open the cage"

The cage opened and the cat was released, he stretched and his bones cracked, he was happy, but more important he was free, also he was surprised he wasn't feared. The nutcracker noticed that he was smiling.

"You've gotten my attention
here is a proof of my affection"

The feline putted his face near our heroes face and licked him. The nutcracker felt weird looking to the beast light-blue eyes, but he was curious about the lights aiming the cage so he asked:

"What happens when you are near the light?"- said as he started petting the enormous creature.

"My inner killer feels shy"- the cat quickly answered with a deep and serious tone.-"If you want me I'll show"

"Only if you want me to know"- The nutcracker answered with respect.

The enormous kitten jumped to a platform in the scaffolds and bowed from above the lights. He was to far to see him sharply, but you could distinguish he now had green eyes and that he had some vicious looking claws.

"My friend I thank you deeply
I most go on and I'll leave sadly
We will meet again
I'm almost certain
So... Untill then!"

The nutcracker bowed as well and waved his sword like a reverence. When he looked again the cat was already gone.

viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

"The Nutcracker" Chapter 1

The snow was grey now and it kept piled up on the sideways. An intermittent street lamp played the sun on this cold and wet night. Under this urban beacon was a dumpster, a rusty and stinky dumpster. Inside of it, among the waste and filth we find a nutcracker. His window to the outskirts of its shelter is nothing but a hole in the front side, caused by the rust that was eating that metallic case. He wakes up asking "Oh my! Where am I?". His clothes design, beard and colors remind you of a card, you know he is way to fashioned for a J so you are guessing he is a nutcraker that resembles a K. He draws a sword, we are now certain; "He's the king of spades". He made his way through the garbage and through the decayed hollow, and he is standing outside that inmense trash can vulnerable of the drizzle that was falling so feeble, that when they reached the orange color that emanated from that old lightbulb it looked like they were sparks from a great fire.

Walking in the beaten pavement abundant of newspapers he managed to read a fallen sign, and it said "The Forgotten Street" in white letters over a green background, it had fallen from a Pole at the left side of the road near a brick wall, a huge red brick wall. Curiousily this pole now held another sign, a homemade looking sign that displayed: "Rat king domains", it was written on red letters over a white fabric and it was tied up with two knots one on each far end of the bar at the top as if to be read horizontally.

He still didn't know how he got there. When he lowered his head he noticed there was chalk on the wall: "RaTs StAy AWaY fRoM ThE DaRK oR YoU wiLl gEt EaTeN!" at the feet of this warning there was blood, and on the sidewalk there was a smiling face and a kitten paw drawn with deep dark red.