miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Sermons On Ending Times 2

He was now on the roof and off the ladder. Indeed the streets were deadly at this hour but he didn't fear them. Infact, he wasn't going home. He received a strange text message from Judas asking him if they could meet in his place, so J was on his way.

Jesus was a cat on the rooftops with gazelle jumps that made him look like he was flying briefly. Judas was the man behind the counter of an unclean looking motel near "Elbib" avenue. He was friends with Jesus a long time from now, but he was a junkie that was getting poorer and poorer, this is the reason why he sold J to the police.

No, he wasn't a criminal. The political enviroment was so broken and corrupt that it was no much different from the life in the alleys. Rats and men feeding of each other. Primitive and basic... It's a matter of survival skills I guess. The president guided the people like a suicide jockey pulling the horses mouth to an abyss.

It had been long since somebody brought light to this pit and Jesus managed to do that in an incredible rate. Thanks to him women were no longer scared to the police and their constant harrasment, most of the kids and teens threw away their guns and some of them even stopped buying drugs. The broke down officers and the dealers of both sins; drugs & guns weren't happy about this purification. And... as all snakes are related somehow in someway, the thugs started making some calls to their bosses about tracking down this hope dressed man because he was bad for business and politics.

Back to the present.

He was running across the last building and planned to land in the motels emergency ladders.
The police was hidden on the building. It was a set up... Judas set him up.

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  1. why you do this to me?? is just a little part!! i love the way you write XD

  2. Once again I am really proud of you narrative. Its interested how you describe situations and the way you build those stories. Keep writing my friend!

    William Padrón